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Integrated HR: We become your HR department 

Stoppler Hughes' Integrated HR: Your Trusted HR Department


At Stoppler Hughes, we offer flexible HR solutions that seamlessly integrate with your business. From 1 to 5 days a week, our on-site support ensures your HR needs are fully covered.


No Task Too Big or Small - Our Expertise, Your Advantage


We have a team of world-class HR specialists dedicated to supporting your unique requirements. Whether the task is simple or complex, we handle it all with precision and expertise.


Customized Solutions for Your Dynamic Business


As your trusted HR partner, we understand the importance of adapting to your evolving business. Together, we strike the perfect balance to meet your changing needs and drive success.


Exceeding HR Expectations for Entrepreneurs, C-suite, and HR Professionals


Whether you're an ambitious entrepreneur, a seasoned C-suite executive, or a passionate HR professional, we are committed to exceeding your HR expectations. We provide comprehensive support, from time-consuming administrative tasks to strategic leadership and scalable systems.


Focus on What Matters Most - We Handle the Rest


Leave the burdensome and transactional HR tasks to us. With Stoppler Hughes' Integrated HR, you can focus on what's in front of you, knowing that your HR needs are taken care of efficiently and effectively.

Areas of Support & Special Projects  

  • Recruitment Services: Get expert assistance in finding and hiring the right talent for your organization.

  • Employee Relations Solutions: Strengthen employee satisfaction and resolve workplace issues with our specialized HR consulting.

  • Performance Coaching: Boost individual and team performance through targeted coaching sessions.

  • Confidential Communication Channel: Share your concerns with us confidentially, without impacting your relationship with the organization.

  • Employee Engagement and Retention Strategies: Enhance employee satisfaction, loyalty, and productivity to retain top talent.

  • Learning and Development Programs: Develop your workforce's skills and knowledge to meet business objectives effectively.

  • Total Rewards Management: Design competitive compensation and benefits packages to attract and retain skilled professionals.

  • Strategic HR Planning: Gain insights and guidance to align HR strategies with organizational goals.

  • HR Function Optimization: Streamline your HR processes, enhance efficiency, and maximize organizational effectiveness.

  • Organizational Effectiveness and Development: Measure and improve the overall structure and performance of your organization.

  • Recruitment and Workforce Management Solutions: Optimize talent acquisition and address competency gaps with effective HR practices.

  • Payroll and Benefits Administration Services: Outsource your payroll and benefits management for accurate and efficient processes.

  • Employee and Labor Relations Support: Ensure fair and productive employee-employer relationships with expert guidance.

  • HR Technology Management: Leverage advanced HRIS technology to streamline HR operations and enhance efficiency.




What's your current state? Examining your HR strategy, culture and policies, we gain an understanding of where you are today, so that we can recommend where you need to be. From there, we set the metrics to ensure your HR efforts enhance your people and your bottom line.




Next, we identify the gaps in your HR. What's working, and what isn't? Within the focused lens of ROI, we analyze areas of improvement that will grow your team and business, creating a strategy to move you forward.




Now, with a game plan in hand, our human resource consultants hit the ground running. We implement the HR functions and tactics necessary to achieve your potential, communicating and checking in at defined intervals. No matter the project, we closely tailor our approach to your people and organizational objectives.




Finally, we step back and reflect on results of our HR efforts. At predefined checkpoints, we monitor, measure and review our relationship with you. Is your team contributing at its best? Did we achieve a positive ROI? Based on these insights, we refine and improve our approach.

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