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Integrated HR: We become your HR department 

With Stoppler Hughes' Integrated HR, we become your HR department.  Flexible solutions from 1 to 5 days a week of on-site support.  We make sure you are fully covered and take care of all your HR needs. 

For us, no task is too big or small, too simple or complex.  Our world-class specialists are on your team, always supporting your unique HR needs. Together, we find the right balance to suit your dynamic and evolving business.

Whether you’re a driven entrepreneur, sophisticated C-suite or passionate HR professional, we’re on your team to exceed your HR expectations.  From time-consuming and transactional tasks to strategic leadership and scalable systems, we take care of it all,
so you can focus on what’s in front of you.

Areas of Support & Special Projects  

  • People

    • Recruitment as a Service RaaS

    • Employee Relations

    • Performance Coaching

    • Safe Place to Talk

      • Vent to us, not into the organization 

    • Employee Engagement and Retention

      • Activities aimed at retaining high-performing talent, solidifying and improving the relationship between employees and the organization, creating a thriving and energized workforce, and developing effective strategies to address appropriate performance expectations from employees at all levels

    • Learning and Development

      • Activities that enhance the knowledge, skills, and abilities, and competencies of the workforce in order to meet the organization's business needs

    • Total Rewards

      • Design and implement compensation systems and benefit packages, which employers use to attract and retain employees.


  • Organization

    • Strategic Planning from an HR Perspective 

    • Structure of the HR Function

      • People, processes, theories, and activities involved in the delivery of HR-related services that create and drive organizational effectiveness

    • Organizational Effectiveness and Development

      • Concerns the overall structure and functionality of the organization, and involves measurement of long- and short-term effectiveness and growth of people and processes and implementation of necessary organizational change initiatives

    • Recruitment & Workforce Management

      • HR practices and initiatives that allow the organization to meet its talent needs (e.g., workforce planning, succession planning) and to close critical competency gaps)

    • Payroll and Benefit Administration

    • Employee and Labor Relations

      • Refers to any dealings between the organization and its employees regarding the terms and conditions of employment

    • Technology Management - HRIS

      • Involves the use of existing, new, and emerging technology to support the HR function

    • Workplace - Diversity, and Inclusion

      • It encompasses activities that create opportunities for the organization to leverage the unique backgrounds and characteristics of all employees to contribute to its success


01 - Assess


What's your current state? Examining your HR strategy, culture and policies, we gain an understanding of where you are today, so that we can recommend where you need to be. From there, we set the metrics to ensure your HR efforts enhance your people and your bottom line.


02 - Adapt


Next, we identify the gaps in your HR. What's working, and what isn't? Within the focused lens of ROI, we analyze areas of improvement that will grow your team and business, creating a strategy to move you forward.


03 - Act


Now, with a game plan in hand, our human resource consultants hit the ground running. We implement the HR functions and tactics necessary to achieve your potential, communicating and checking in at defined intervals. No matter the project, we closely tailor our approach to your people and organizational objectives.


04 - Analyze


Finally, we step back and reflect on results of our HR efforts. At predefined checkpoints, we monitor, measure and review our relationship with you. Is your team contributing at its best? Did we achieve a positive ROI? Based on these insights, we refine and improve our approach.

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