Prioritize potential
Integrated HR solutions

We strategize and prescribe HR solutions based on your unique needs. Our team deals in dynamic solutions, offering support across an endless spectrum of business situations. From transactional and administrative tasks to growth strategies and fully integrated human resource consulting services, Stoppler Hughes has the capability, dedication, and zest to help you prioritize your company’s greatest potential.

With Stoppler Hughes' Integrated HR, we become your HR department.  Flexible solutions from 1 to 5 days a week of on-site support, with full-time on-demand support.  We make sure you are fully covered and take care of all your HR needs.  Our HR consultants are based out of both Edmonton and Calgary to service your requirements.

If you are in need of ongoing support or short-term solutions please message us directly, to connect with one of our HR consultants, email, call or text 780.863.2204, or book a meeting/call Click Here.