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The Era of Virtual Recruiting - How to Make Sure You’re Finding the Right Candidates

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Virtual interviews are nothing new. However, the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic has made virtual recruiting the only option for many employers, and it may remain as the norm far into the future. There are pros and cons associated with virtual recruiting, but that doesn’t mean finding the right candidate isn’t within your grasp.

One Pro:

One benefit to virtual recruitment is the opportunity to widely expand your search, and find the best possible candidates in their field. The limitation of exclusively hiring local candidates is removed, and you can now open the hiring gates to some of the top applicants from all corners of the world.

One Con:

A risk associated with virtual recruiting is finding someone who is the right culture fit. It can be challenging to get a sense of someone’s authentic personality without meeting them in person. You may run into a situation where an applicant accepts a position in a workplace environment that isn’t necessarily the right fit for them, or vice versa.

How to Find the Right Candidate

It’s important to understand and properly implement the right strategy for successful virtual recruitment to ensure you are bringing the right addition to your team for the long haul.

1. Develop the right recruitment strategy

Ensure you are not wasting your time or the time of hopeful job seekers by developing a recruitment plan that only targets the right pool of people. Clear job descriptions, proper advertising, and rigorous application sorting are all important steps to be sure you are attracting the right professionals without missing or overlooking your next star employee. By targeting too many people, you run the risk of feeling overwhelmed in your hiring process and may only select the most convenient candidate, as opposed to the best. By targeting too few people, you may only receive a small sample size of candidates instead of a full range of potentially great team members.

2. Give your applicant time to prepare

Scheduling same-day interviews can leave your interviewees feeling rushed and overwhelmed, so they may not be putting their best foot forward. Alternatively, an unprepared interviewee may feel pressured to become a “yes” person, agreeing to the conditions and work environment without fully understanding if the position is right for them.

3. Test your internet connection

It may seem obvious, but technical glitches are bound to arise when using virtual communication. Prevent them to the best of your ability by testing your connection prior to the interview. Allow your candidate to have the best opportunity to show you what they have to offer, without unnecessary distractions causing them to lose confidence or concentration.

4. Provide information on what the chosen applicant can expect

Give your potential employee a very clear indication of what they can expect if they become a member of your team. List your role expectations, wage, company culture, values, success measurements, training processes, etc. Don’t leave anything up to the imagination. Allow them to have full knowledge of what they will be agreeing to so they can carefully decide if it’s the right opportunity for both parties.

Finding the right candidate takes time, especially when the days of in-person resumes are behind us, for the most part. Cutting corners with your hiring process may result in long-term problems for your organization, such as a high turnover rate, additional time spent on recruiting, and time invested in the wrong employee. To be sure you are finding the right candidate for your organization, consider HR consulting.

At Stoppler Hughes, we offer specialized on-demand recruiting solutions for your business. We provide a full range of recruitment options for your organization, taking on as much or as little of the process as required. From job description curation to the onboarding process, we offer support every step of the way in helping you find the right candidate in the era of virtual recruiting.

Read to find your next star employee? We’re happy to help. Book a free consultation with us to determine the right recruitment plan for your business.

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