HR Gap Analysis. 

Where you are now, where you would like it to be and how to get there

A rich corporate culture and engaged workforce drives any business to achieve excellence. Now and again businesses must take the time to reassess their current state and reach for a higher level of performance. Stoppler Hughes offers a complete HR Gap Analysis, that will provide your organization a current state versus future possibilities of what will be achieved through excellence in your HR program. Our group of human resource consultants would then assess what areas of your program may be enhanced to achieve higher performance, employee engagement and foundational culture.


Some common recommendations from our audit may include:

  • Cost Savings and improved efficiencies

  • Improved employee engagement assessments and practices

  • Performance management program including individualized employee development plans

  • 360° appraisals with resulting leadership and employee coaching

  • Stay interviews and resulting report

  • Total compensation review for employees to see what areas your program could achieve higher employee satisfaction and retention