Youth Empowerment & Support Services

25% reduction in HR spend

Our Integrated HR solutions gave YESS the ability realize new efficiencies, productivity and profitability. Now, the team can focus on its greatest contribution: bringing hope and light to the lives of young Edmontonians.


Youth Empowerment & Support Services (YESS) helps and heals traumatized Edmonton youth, providing teens and young adults with accessible shelter, long-term housing and personalized counselling.


Transitioning to a new management team, YESS needed guidance and support on all aspects of their human resources. From a comprehensive audit and strategy to the entire spectrum of recruitment, hiring and performance management, the team looked to us for HR solutions that would empower them to achieve their mandate, while also enhancing the bottom line.

“With a team of 70 people, we’ve found that Stoppler Hughes’ Integrated HR solutions were the absolute right choice for us. We’ve been very happy with the sheer amount of support and strategic advice.”
-Margo Long, Executive Director, YESS


Immersing ourselves in YESS’ organization and culture, we gained an understanding of the dedicated, passionate people who work there, along with their current HR policies and framework. We identified a need for consistency, clarity and accountability around employee relations.


After zeroing in on this gap, we quickly and effectively got to work to ensure a seamless transition from older leadership to new. From onboarding and professional development to compensation, benefits and everything in between, we developed and executed a thoughtful, well-rounded HR strategy. Through our practical skillsets and transparent approach, we helped YESS foster a culture of trust and engagement with employees.