Fire & Flower

Defining an entirely new industry

In a period of fast growth and expansion, Fire & Flower’s HR team highly valued our experience and skillsets. Rather than only acting as strategic consultants, we’ve been right there with them, completing tasks expertly, efficiently and cost-effectively.


Aiming to become the largest cannabis retailer in Canada, Fire & Flower needed an human resource consulting partner who could scale with them as they launched dozens of stores across the country.


Building the HR capabilities of an ambitious new company in an emergent industry would be no small task. Beyond hiring resources to complete jobs, Fire & Flower looked to us to translate their ideas into action and bring Canada’s most talented people into their ranks.

Attract Canada’s best & brightest


Spanning HR infrastructure, talent acquisition, training and professional development, our Integrated HR solutions aligned with Fire & Flower’s core beliefs of education, inclusivity and openness.


We helped the team define and refine their HR goals and philosophies, providing the company with the foundation necessary to grow with consistency and confidence. With this framework in hand, we created a plan to recruit a workforce of talented, likeminded people to work in Fire & Flower’s head office and shops.

Rallying a remarkable team


Our recruitment strategy centred around hiring for fit and shared values, rather than pure skillsets and job experience. Based on Fire & Flower’s beliefs, we developed a personality profile to define their ideal employee, uncovering their core motivations, emotional intelligence and leadership abilities.


Then, we developed, piloted and launched an immersive HR conference, featuring skits, role playing and communication games. The event was designed to select candidates who align with the company’s values on a deep, fundamental level.