Engineering the right HR solutions

33% reduction in HR costs

Rather than hiring us full-time, our skillsets and abilities accomplished the same HR goals and objectives with less hours on site, resulting in substantial cost savings.


After more than 30 years in business, a well-respected engineering company was poised for new growth. At this important juncture, the firm needed streamlined human resources solutions as they continued to expand across Western Canada.


Tasked with managing all aspects of the firm’s HR, we knew that a dynamic and cost-effective approach would be integral to adding true value, while also bolstering the bottom line. It was essential for us to take on transactional HR duties so that the engineering firm could free up time for high-level, strategic decisions.

The bottom line says it all


Combining insightful policies with a robust IT system, we armed the firm with the right HR tools to shape successful business strategies.


From recruiting and onboarding to employee relations and legal improvements, we helped develop new practices and standards, creating consistency and clarity in the company’s culture. Based on these policies, we built a custom IT system with cost projections, enabling the firm to make efficient, well-informed business decisions around human resources.