College of Physicians & Surgeons

Success requires strategy

After creating a comprehensive, insightful strategy, we’re working with the College of Physicians & Surgeons (CPSA) to bring cutting-edge HR philosophies to life. Over the next 3 years, we’re partnering with the organization to rollout and align the new HR strategy into their culture, closely consulting with leadership and employees along the way.


Become the best healthcare regulator in the world—how do you enhance the HR strategy of an organization with such an ambitious mandate?


As Alberta’s regulatory body for the medical profession, the CPSA was already a high-performing organization, with internationally acclaimed practices, a forward-thinking culture and highly engaged workforce. Always searching for new and better ways to work, the nonprofit asked Stoppler Hughes to create an HR strategy that would guide its people to new levels of enthusiasm and capability.

Mobilizing talent & rewarding teamwork


First, we got to know the CPSA inside and out, beginning with a full human resource enhancement review. We dove deep into their current HR philosophies and overall strategic objectives.


Then, we reviewed the world’s foremost peer-reviewed research, garnering insights on how to transform the organization into an even better place to work. As a team of doctors and surgeons, the CPSA highly valued our scientific, knowledge-backed approach, exactly tailored to their organizational standards and ways of thinking.

A high-performance culture


Through our consultation and research, we identified that the CPSA already excelled at rewarding extrinsic needs, such as pay, benefits and office environment. But, to reach the next level of performance, the organization needed to tap into intrinsic motivation.


Our strategy outlined ways to engage and reward internal needs in all aspects of HR:

  • Job design

  • Performance management

  • Communication & engagement

  • Recruitment

  • Culture

  • Compensation